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#1 2014-04-23 08:08:40

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Do we save history?

Few days back some chatters asked me do you save public or private chat history?

And i asked him back why do we have to save it?

He said to read it?

And i said tongue how dumb are you. Is it possible to read private and other messages ?

Chatters have to remember one thing in your mind clearly.

We do not save public or private chat history of any one. It is a flash video chat room with all facilities.

Our chat webcam videos are streamed from one to one. When a chatter in public or private webcam, you are broadcasting video inside the chat and nothing will be save. It is a flash streaming method allows peoples to chat instantly and live webcam.

All the temp chat history on the page will be only stored in your pc and when you log-out everything will be vanished.

So do not worry about chat history or webcam. Enjoy the chat without worries about recording or save.


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