Frequently Asked Question - FAQs

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1. Is it a free chat site with no registration?

Yes . It is a free tamil chatting website for all people who need some fun in online. You do not want to register your username or new account to chat in our chat rooms.

2. Do you save cache in our browsers?

Yes. we just save flash cache for our chat room for fast loading purpose, because our chat system finds chatters computer fonts, audio video cam configurations etc. so it need some cache space to store all these details in your pc flash settings along with our website link.

3. Can we send pictures if its Illegal?

NO you are not allowed to send illegal pictures (images). Legal non adult pictures and other family kind or safe pictures are allowed to share in public and private chat windows. Be sure the images you share are 100% legal and follow our TOS/Rules. If you fail to follow our rules you will be banned permanently from for chat system.

4. Do you support recording or taking screen shot of videos in

No. We don’t support you to share other video streaming videos and we do not allow to take picture or screen shot of our chatters in our site. If we find any video in youtube or other video sharing sites that streamed in chat , we can take legal action on you using your Social details.

5. Do Users allowed to spam, flooding, advertise illegally?

No. Users(chatters) are not allowed to spam unwanted message, flooding same messages repeatedly or advertising any other website links, email links, or skype id for cam selling purpose or get our traffic to you. If you do it, then it leads to serious problems like reporting your website(domain) to take down servers, chat, license and more.

6. Do we support users to share their personal details in public or private ?

No we do not support this kind of activities. If you have common sense you must think clearly before you share your own personal family details in a public international newbie strangers chat room. It affects you directly or indirectly in future, so always advice users(chatters) to not to share your personal details to any strangers(other chatters) in our chat room. If you share you details, then we are not responsible for your own problems.

7. Do we allow all country peoples to chat in Tamil room?

Yes . We allow all kind and all country tamil speaking peoples are allowed in our chat room. But speak english or tamil in our tamil chat room.