January 28, 2014


How To Share Images In our Chat Room

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Hello Chatters,

Just follow the steps to share images and have fun with funny images in the room while you chat with co existing chatters in the room, and make sure all images are legal and 13+.

Step 1 : Click the Spanner ( Wrench ) Icon


Click the spanner icon at the top of the chat room right side corner, you can notice it on the above picture which points the wrench icon with red arrow.

Step 2 : Click Logout


Click 3 : Register To Share Images In our Chat Room


Just fill the form and finally click the register button to complete the registration. Once you finish registration enter the username and password that you registered right now and click the login button it takes you to the room page. Just click on the room and it takes you into the room.

Step 4 : Send images instantly 


Now you are in the room, and at the bottom of the chat message sending boy you can see a icon looks like a bubble, click it and you can find send image, then select it and there you go now choose the image from your folders or any file , hit open now its on the chat room publicly for all chatters in the room.


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